Summit Pediatrics Immunization Policy

At Summit Pediatrics, we are dedicated to providing our patients the best possible medical care.  We believe that the heart of what we do is work with parents to prevent illness and that immunizing children and young adults may be the single most important preventative intervention we perform as health care providers and that you can perform as parents.  

Based on current scientific evidence, in numerous medical studies involving millions of children spanning multiple decades, it has been overwhelmingly shown that immunizations are safe and effective.  Immunizations are necessary to prevent many serious, even deadly illnesses.  

Here is a short video from Vaccines Save Lives that discusses the timeline of vaccine development and how they work as well as what goes into the vaccines.  This video and website also discuss common myths in regards to vaccines. 

Summit Pediatrics only accepts new patients who are either fully immunized (for age) or who will begin the CDC recommended catch-up immunization schedule.  Newborns will be expected to begin immunizations at their 2 month old well visit. 

Click here to view our policy: Policy and Schedule  Click here to view the CDC Vaccine Schedule.  

Click here to view the Missouri Public Schools Required Immunization Schedule.  Hep A, Influenza, HPV, and Covid vaccines are not currently required by the MO public schools but still highly recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics as well as Summit Pediatrics.  

Summit Pediatrics Immunization Schedule

Click on any of the vaccines below to be routed to each specific Vaccine Information Fact Sheets

Note:  At 6 months and beyond, Summit Pediatrics encourage all children to get yearly Flu vaccine during Influenza season and COVID-19 vaccines per current recommendations.  

Autism Spectrum Disorder and Vaccines: 

  • Click here to read the CDC FAQ page specifically answering questions/concerns about Autism Spectrum Disorder and Vaccines.  

Thimerosal and Mercury Concerns:

  • Click here for information related to Thimerosal and Mercury in vaccines.    

HPV (Human Papillomavirus)

COVID-19 Vaccine:

Who is eligible: 

The CDC now recommends everyone ages 6 months and older to get vaccinated against COVID-19.  Vaccine dosage is based on age, not on weight or size.  At this time, Summit Pediatrics is not offering the COVID-19 vaccine but we do encourage you to check the local health departments or other entities that are offering the vaccine.  

  • 6 months - 4 years of age:  Moderna and Pfizer are both approved for this age group.  Pfizer is a 3-dose primary series and Moderna is a 2-dose primary series.  
  • 5 years - 17 years of age:  Moderna and Pfizer are both approved for this age group.  Pfizer is a 2-dose primary series and Moderna is a 2-dose primary series.  Boosters are recommended for this age group if eligible.  

Click the following to use the CDC's COVID-19 booster tool to see if your child is eligible for a booster.  

Does my child need to wait to get other vaccines if they are getting the COVID-19 vaccine? 

  • According to the CDC, children and teens can receive other vaccines at the same time of COVID-19, there is not a wait period in between vaccines.  

Click here for the COVID-19 Vaccine Information Fact Sheet.  

Other Resources: 

Here are some helpful sites if you still have questions about vaccines.  Please note our providers will also answer your questions in detail during your visit.  

Still have questions? 

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